The debt ceiling is used to take the country hostage demanding spending cuts as ransom. Cutting through the noise, we discuss how it works and possible…
This issue asks for reader feedback and suggestions, and responds to some interesting comments made about the last issue.
Starting from a simple flat-rate tax system, we discuss how to create subsidies that help people who need help, not high-earners who don't need help.
Our current tax system is complicated and opaque, the better to hide many gifts to high earners. Radical simplification would be a first step to a tax…
Adam Smith's invisible hand metaphor and the related concept of economic efficiency have dominated policy debates. We discuss why and how ethical and…
I wrote to my two (Republican) senators asking them to vote for the (poorly-named) Inflation Reduction Act. I analyze the one response I received. Short…
Inequality ramped up starting in the early 80's; GDP growth has dropped since then. Coincidence or cause?
Why So Many People are Angry About the Economy
Capital gains get preferential tax treatment. A look-back approach can be used to tax capital gains as ordinary income, eliminating the tax system's…
Proposals to change the tax system to incentivize corporations to accept limits on political spending.
Forty years of the mantra of shareholder value have worked to change our system to bring corporate profit to new heights. Corporations today have…
Tax expenditures redistribute wealth — upward!