The Supreme Court is an instrument of minority rule, made more consequential by its growing power over our democracy. We discuss proposals to rein in…

January 2023

The Supreme Court has become the most powerful branch of government and has become an instrument of minority rule.
Freedom of religion and freedom from religion are under systematic attack. We seek win-win solutions. Are there any?

December 2022

The Crusaders distort the meaning of religious freedom to impose their concepts of religion and morality on the rest of us. They are reshaping the…
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The Crusaders are tearing down the wall of separation between church and state by discarding the long-accepted and historically-motivated interpretation…

November 2022

I hope that you will be able to be with family and friends for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has always been an important holiday in my family, when I was…
A well-organized, well-funded effort is underway to interpret religious freedom as a weapon that can be used to impose beliefs on others. We discuss how…

October 2022

Religious freedom is being reframed into a weapon used to impose beliefs on others instead of the shield the framers intended.
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Starting from a simple flat-rate tax system, we discuss how to create subsidies that help people who need help, not high-earners who don't need help.