In the last few days I’ve seen two items relevant to previous topics on Win-Win Democracy that I’d like to share.
Fascism creeps in slowly at first, gets normalized, and accelerates until it is too strong to defeat. We who value democracy, freedom, and the rule of…
We continue our series on AI, focusing on how we might manage AI's impact on our society.
Watch Sherrilyn Ifill’s extraordinary talk on the state of American democracy and what to do about it.
We continue our series on AI, focusing on the implications of this new technology to society.
The Supreme Court is an instrument of minority rule, made more consequential by its growing power over our democracy. We discuss proposals to rein in…
The Supreme Court has become the most powerful branch of government and has become an instrument of minority rule.
Starting from a simple flat-rate tax system, we discuss how to create subsidies that help people who need help, not high-earners who don't need help.
Our current tax system is complicated and opaque, the better to hide many gifts to high earners. Radical simplification would be a first step to a tax…
Inequality ramped up starting in the early 80's; GDP growth has dropped since then. Coincidence or cause?
Why So Many People are Angry About the Economy
Proposals to change the tax system to incentivize corporations to accept limits on political spending.